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What is the lucky number for Ganesh?

The zodiac sign of the name Ganesha is Saturn and the lucky number is 8. People with name Ganesha are adept at saving money, hence they always have money. The most special thing about people of this number is that they make their own rules. People with the lucky number 8 have a lot of interest in music.

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Can we keep 2 Ganesh idols at home?

It is advised to just have one Ganesha statue for home. While it is a matter of individual preference, according to Vastu, having just one Ganesha murti is always preferable. According to tradition, having two or more idols irritates Ridhi Sidhi and just diminishes their power.

5 Important Vastu Rules to Follow While Placing Your Ganpati Murti

Many times, there’s no doubt about Ganesha being the God of happiness, prosperity and joy, but, for some, they don’t understand whether it should be best to keep him in his place at home or not. The Ganpati murti is the one that guards our community and that is the prime reason, why we respect and follow him by worshiping him first, before we start anything new in our life.

1: Place Your Ganpati Murti Facing the Right Direction

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The vadastras suggest that installing Ganpati in west, north and INE of your house is ideal. Please align the idol towards North direction because all the miracles are sent to this side for they emanate from the lord Indra. As such, place the idol of Ganesha on crucial areas such as back of Ganesh idol or the photo which would be visible at the main entrance or exit of the home. Besides, make sure that the idol (or manifestation) is facing none from the south because there will not be much benefit for you.

2: Notice the Direction of the Trunk of Your Ganpati Murti

On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, 2024 planning to take your old murti for replacement? The initial step is to establish the proper alignment of the trunk, you should orientate with the trunk of the Ganesha idol. The frontal part of the house should be inclined towards his left, which has been proven to be the most auspicious. However, you can have it tilted towards your right, or your front trunk can be positioned parallel to your front wall.

Thus, before you go shopping for the eyecatching idol for your home, don’t forget to check ‘Ganeshjijay trunk direction.’ In addition, if the image of a god with a trunk inclined to the right is worshipped, god gets angry very easily. In ancient times, Sun is considered as the most powerful God and rules all the courses of the earth. Thus, to please the god, people should do all the religious rituals as per planned.

3: Posture of Your Ganesh Murti Design Is Symbolic

Choose a Murti design of Ganesh as the lord of your home that is standing with one foot over an other other - the Marshan dhyana (or lalitasana) or the pushing position from tradition. Vastu professionals think that the sitting Ganesha denotes a person with a serene disposition who wants the prosperity and peace in the house in a composed manner. Despite this, a dented sculpture of Ganpati reclining represents a luxury, comfort and wealth. So aster the level best if you desire those in life, then you should have a Ganpati in the reclining posture.

Did You Know?

We worship 32 forms of Ganesha and they are:

  • Bala Ganesha
  • Taruna Ganesha
  • Bhakti Ganesha
  • Shakti Ganesha
  • Veera Ganesha
  • Siddhi Ganesha
  • Dwija Ganesha
  • Vigna Ganesha
  • Ucchista Ganesha
  • Kshirpa Ganesha
  • Heeramba Ganesha
  • Lakshmi Ganesha
  • Maha Ganesha
  • Vijaya Ganesha
  • Nritya Ganesha
  • Urdhva Gnesha
  • Ekakshara Ganesha
  • Vara Ganesha
  • Thyakashara Ganesha
  • Kshipraprasaada Ganesha
  • Haridra Ganesha
  • Ekadanta Ganesha
  • Srishti Ganesha
  • Uddhanda Ganesha
  • Runamochana Ganesha
  • Dhundi Ganesha
  • Dwimukha Ganesha
  • Trimukha Ganesha
  • Smiha Ganesha
  • Yogi Ganesha
  • Durga Ganesha
  • Sankathara Ganesha

4: The Colour of the Ganpati Murti Has a Lot of Significance

Those individuals who are looking for inner-peace, happiness and progressiveness of life should give great consideration to the white Ganesha idol that they would keep at home. In addition, the Ganpati institute instills discipline in its students so they can make more thoughtful and right choices in life. Similarly, any self-growth lover should bring home the red coloured Ganpati for the year Ganesh Chaturthi in 2024. This includes a clock, a vision board of personal goals, and a frame with a painting of a mountain with a sunrise. These elements are important because they are considered auspicious with an astrological background.

5: Pay Attention to the Little Details

As we all know, Lord Ganesha’s vahan or vehicle is a mouse and modak is his favourite sweet. Therefore, while buying the Ganpati murti for your home, make sure that the tiny mouse and the modak are a part of it. The mouse is a symbol of all-pervasiveness, while the modak is an offering to the Lord and his devotees and prasadam. Do not miss out on these little details on Ganesh Chaturthi 2024.