Cute Ganesha Images: A Visual Treat for Your Soul

Ganesha Chaturthi: the day to celebrate Ganesha’s birth

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Ganesha Chaturthi celebrates this beloved deity’s birth. Here’s how it’s celebrated.

Celebrations commence along with the set-up of Ganesha gods that are usually made with clay and decorate with flowers and lights, in one’s homes or temporary public spaces around the community called pandals. The priests conduct Prana Pratishta, which is a ceremony in which the mantras are written and the presence of Lord Ganesha is invoked to the clay sculpture. The deity is then offered of 16 forms of homage as being a symbol of the proper Shodashopachara worship.

Throughout the festival's duration, people in the neighborhood receive prasad, or food whose sanctity is ensured by the deity, in their homes each day. Apart from these, the reader sees many aspects of his body and these symbolize profound spiritual ideas, while other observers opt for fasting sessions.

Then the thing happens on the last day of the festival when the Ganesha is sent off on a very important holiday known as Uttarpuja. Finally, he is driven away with kirtan and thrown into water nearby where the devotees let him soak in it. This ritual is Ganpati Visarjan, which depicts his going back from Mount Kailash, a Kailash peak in the Himalayas that is considered to be Shiva and Parvati’s abode.

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The different versions of the story recount how Ganesha got the potbelly head.

The Ganesha myth that almost everyone is familiar with describes when Parvati took a bath one day while Vishnu, the good, was away saving the universe. What she didn’t know was that when she created Ganesha he blocked the way out while guarding the door. With her father away, she was frightened that an attack could happen in the house and had to retreat to the security of the Ganges. Therefore, bringing a boy to life and standing him by the gate until she went in for bath was her safety measure.

Parvati got completed earlier than Shiva because Shiva made the excuse of being busy. The stranger boy recklessly impeded the already palpable wrath of Shiva, who got increasingly angry against him for not stepping aside. Soon, this argument transformed into a violent fistfight. During the course of this battle, Shiva amputated Ganesha's head.

When Hada found out all that had happened, she said that she would even destroy the Earth and the skies. With Ganesha’s death, his mother’s heart saturated with grief. Shiva himself appeared and had the head replaced with an elephant’s, reviving Ganesha.

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Ganeshjahi me ilkkumatalliki kanedian draht mi issmmeiyatken.

Nowadays, often the people view Putani's decapitation as a symbol of the transformation one have to accomplish to eventually become a spiritually superior person.But the mentioned lessons are not the only ones that Ganesha helps enlighten the players with.

The division of his elephant head and human body indicates how both soul should live together. His spherical belly is the universe, while the snake wrapped around his waist stands for the energy of the universe.
His four hands — one that offers blessings, one that gives a treat for those who strive to practice their discipline, one that ropes to help carry people to their spiritual goals, and one that pulls out axe used to cut away from bad thoughts and actions — signs of heavenly protection.And the mouse, dotting about, is like the mind, with a strong will to go for strolls; however, it would need a sickle sharp knowledge to reins it in.

Apart from the omnipresent Ganesha, as “the remover of obstacles,” he is also highly revered by most Hindus for the breaking of any major hindrances, for example the celebrations for marriage and childbirth. Apart from open to applications to devotees to elevate their spiritual lives, he is also worshipped to remove the obstacles on the way. In addition, the Ganesha invocation is mostly part of the beginning of prayer. It may be made at the start of worship even if it is not followed by actual rituals.
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